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Win the customers thanks to effective e-marketing campaigns

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What is needed to conduct an effective e-marketing campaign? Regardless of the fact whether you address it to individual consumers or to companies, you need a proper communication tool and a well-profiled target group that this message will reach. This is why we have prepared a unique offer for you in DBMS.

What is Advertising Package?

In the Advertising Package, we give you the e-mail and SMS dispatch tool – Greensender as well as the customer base tailored to your needs.

Within the Package, you receive:

  • 10,000 e-mail addresses or 1,000 telephone numbers. You define yourself whether it should be B2C base (defined on the basis of age, sex and place of living criterion) or B2B base (defined on the basis of the criterion of the industry, business activity place and employment).
  • Indefinite time account in the e-mail and SMS dispatch tool – Greensender allowing for dispatch of 10 000 e-mails.

Why is it worth using the Package?

The benefits from the presented Package are inter alia as follows:

  • The customer base adjusted to your needs.
  • Settlement for the number of sent messages – without any subscription.
  • Technical support in campaign realisation and transparent reporting of its effects.
  • High deliverability of e-mails to Onet, WP and Gmail boxes exceeding 99.8%.
  • Free spam tests which will allow for avoidance of the situation, in which your e-mails goes to the SPAM folder.
  • A/B creation tests – you are able to prepare two creations and to send them to a specific percentage of the customers and then to select the more effective one that will go to the remaining part of the base.
  • Possibility to configure the logics of e-mail dispatch to active or inactive users.

What is the price of the Package?

The price of our Package is PLN 500.00 net. Within this price, you receive the base of 10,000 e-mail addresses (unit price with dispatch – 2.5 groschens per address) or of 1,000 telephone numbers (50 groschens per number), e-mail and SMS dispatch tool – Greensender and dispatch of 10,000 e-mails.

Do you want more? For additional 1,000 sent e-mails, you will pay only PLN 9.00, i.e. 0.9 groschen per one e-mail. You will pay 8 groschens for an additional advertising SMS.

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