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How to conduct e-mail campaigns effectively?

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Performance of an effective e-mail campaign certainly requires time and thoughts. The success of the campaign depends on such factors as creative brief which will capture the attention of our customers, carefully planned message and first of all the awareness of the fact who our customers are and what interests them. However, it is often not enough.

Apart from the marketing approach, it is worth looking at this issue from a bit more technical side. Without it, our careful preparation and our whole work may go directly to the spam folder or not reach the customer at all! Do not panic – you will learn from this article how not to make a technical blunder.

It is reputation that counts

The majority of popular domains have exceptionally poor reputation, despite minor costs. Speaking more precisely, 80% of problems with deliverability results from poor reputation. Openly speaking – the e-mail box providers may put our message to the same folder as the messages about marvellous hair growth products or Nigerian princesses – only for the domain that we use. It is often worth using a good-reputation server such as Thanks to it, we will be sure that our message reaches its intended destination.

Base hygiene is the basis

Let us say it honestly – you certainly have more than one e-mail box. You surely do not check all of them regularly. You do not check a part of them at all. The majority of people do the same – this is why regular deletion of non-existing or overloaded boxes from your own base should become your good habit. Every e-mail sent to a non-existing address results in loss of trust of the provider. This is why you should stay alert – too many e-mails sent to non-existing addresses may lead you straight to the blacklist.

Blacklist avoidance

All right, but what to do if we already are on a blacklist? First of all, do not panic. There may be a lot of reasons, especially when the majority of the blacklists are operated in an automated way. False alarms happen quite often. It is important to learn about the occurring situation timely. Special tools which check our domains and IP addresses in terms of blacklists on an ongoing basis may be helpful. However, it is quite often connected with a subscription fee and the need to check the list every day. It may also be difficult to find a tool that will be suitable for our needs. If we feel that it is not for us, it is better to trust the specialists that have proper structures for this purpose.

Order in the code

Your creation already has everything it needs. It looks aesthetically and it hits the nail on the head. But what about the code? Before you launch the campaign, make sure that all tags are closed, that the message is responsive ant that the css styles are coded in html. It will significantly increase the deliverability. But if you do not know what we are talking about, it is better to use specialists’ assistance..

Jan Boguszewski