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5 Email Campaign ideas to increase your conversion rate. (Part II)

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3) Sales Pitch Series

Now that you have built the trust in your readers it’s time to talk some business. Start your sales pitch with the following guidelines.

First mail you talk about problems of your consumers. Showcase the problems in such a way that it starts to look really big and show the urgency of solving it.

Now the reader is thinking about those problems and you are the guardian angel who can show them the way to save them. Now is the time to show them the gain in the business. Highlight their gains and show them that how much you value their money and how interested you are in doing business with them.

Now that they almost have decided to do business with you they need a little base and strong feedback that what they are thinking is a right decision to make. In this mail show them logic, comparison and social proofs.

Now time to create fear in them. When they are convinced to act but are being lazy to act it’s you who can make them act. Create fear of losing, fear of not doing business with you what they may lose. How special your company is and how urgent and relevant it is to do the business.

Now you have to find out if still something is stopping them from acting. Do the follow up ask them questions about what happened to their

problem? Were they able to solve them with your products or do they have some problem or question about something.

4) Post Sales series

This is the point when you already have customers but it’s time to increase that number and the best way to do that is 1 to 1 referral.

The first mail will obviously be about your humble thank you to the customer and a slight incentive to share it on social media. If your product is great they will not hesitate to share it.

Now in the second mail show them the excitement. Don’t let the excitement of buying this product die in them. Send them info about uses of your product and how to get the maximum results out of it. Some tweaks and secret uses are always welcome.

Host a contest between your users through photos or videos and let that promote you company in exchange give them some incentive. This is a great opportunity for you to get customer reviews and referrals on the product.

Create a survey for your customer and send them to fill it up. Sound polite and request them to help you develop your services or product for the next customers. If possible, give them some incentive for it.

This is the point where you start collecting the resources you need to gain new leads. Ask your customers to help you with gathering more testimonials and more social proof by posting reviews on review sites like trustpilot or trsutlink.

With this email you may try to sale products to the customer that recently bought some product. The products which act as a compliment to the product they bought. Take the example of apple when you buy a

apple phone you get an email with products like cases, wireless earphones that can complement the product.

5) Win back cold leads series

Never lose hope on a cold lead. There is always a chance that they may come back and you get some sales out of it.

Show them what they are missing. Show them your reviews and contents that they are missing on because they did not do business with you. Make them feel that they can re consider and have all those privileges of working with you and get all those perks.

Attract them back to opt in for another lead campaign which they get enticed to click on and which will lead them to another lead mail cycle. There is a chance that these lead may get converted again to buyers.

Now you need to find the reason why they did not work with you. Send them a survey describing asking questions which can help you mold your services in a way that they get comfortable with buying your product.

If still tables don’t turn and you get no reply for them. Put them on cold list which gets email when there is a big announcement. Which may in future get them back to your lead magnet.

Now having talked about it lets put it to test. And drop comments with your feedback on these pointers.